Stacks 2.0 Mainnet Mining Begins now!
Welcome, it's time to mine STX.
The mainnet launch is here! Below, find all the information you need to take part of the historic launch of Stacks 2.0.

Miners have already begun committing to the network launch by registering a name in the .miner namespace. As soon as 20 Miners have done so, a trigger in the Stacks 1.0 code will start a countdown to the launch of Stacks 2.0. 600 Bitcoin blocks later, Stacks 2.0 will launch! Follow the steps and resources below to be one of the pioneers responsible for the launch.
Stacks 2.0 Miner Launch Checklist
The network launch approaches, work your way through the checklist to be sure you're ready.
Understand how to run a node on mainnet.
Get setup to mine on mainnet.
Join the Stacks Discord.
The #mining channel will be the place for live support.
Monitor the Stacks Forum, Discord, and Twitter for Hiro PBC to publish the Stacks 2.0 release build.
As soon as the build is published, start running a node on it. If you are already running a Stacks 1.0 node, you will need to upgrade and restart your node/miner.
If you need help, join one of the office hour sessions hosted by Daemon. The full schedule is as follows:
  • Jan 10th at 11:30pm UTC
  • Jan 11th at 1pm UTC
  • Jan 11th/12th at 11:30pm UTC
  • Jan 12th at 1pm UTC
  • Zoom link to join
Stacks 2.0 Launch Timeline
Bitcoin Block 665250
20 miners have registered a name in the ".miner" namespace, and the threshold trigger for the Stacks 2.0 launch was reached at Bitcoin block 665250.
Final Snapshot: Bitcoin Block 665750
Afinal snapshot of Stacks 1.0 state will be generated and any further Stacks 1.0 transactions will be rejected starting at Bitcion block 665750
Stacks 2.0 Launch: Bitcoin Block 666050
Stacks 2.0 code will start processing burnchain blocks and be ready to mine the genesis block at Bitcoin block 666050.
Miner Launch Resources
Email [email protected] if you don't see an answer you need!
Do I need to register a name in the ".miner" namespace in order to mine on mainnet?
No, but the network needs 20 miners to register names in order for the Stacks 2.0 network to launch.
Do I need to copy the state or the snapshot of Stacks 1.0?
No need to copy any state: Stacks 1.0 data will be embedded in the Stacks 2.0 release build.
Do I need to be running Stacks 1.0 previously?
How do a register a name in the ".Miner" namespace?
Check out the instructions below.
Register in the .miner namespace
Thanks for being part of this historic launch, you're truly part of the foundation of a better internet built on Bitcoin.
Install the Blockstack CLI for the 1.0 network
npm install -g
Create a new keychain
blockstack-cli make_keychain

  "mnemonic": "dice jewel antique shop eyebrow canal kidney flat select move gaze screen",
  "ownerKeyInfo": {
    // ignore this section
  "paymentKeyInfo": {
    "privateKey": "d3f170e0c76ca4dbbcc7cef59251392ce306b44d34af02b5c2acdcdfde92649101",
    "address": {
      "BTC": "1Co3b5RE9zqJNakcDQGLrpp4BPgKReezD",
    "index": 0
Deposit ~0.001 BTC into the payment key BTC address generated from the command above. In the example that is 1Co3b5RE9zqJNakcDQGLrpp4BPgKReezD. The cost to register a 5 character name is ~0.001 BTC or $40 USD. Most of this cost is BTC transaction fees. Actual fee to register the name is 10 sats.
Use the 'register' command to register the name.
blockstack-cli register <NAME>.miner <OWNER_PRIVATE_KEY> <PAYMENT_KEY>
Substitute <NAME> with the desired name.

Substitute <OWNER_PRIVATE_KEY> and <PAYMENT_KEY> with the corresponding private keys. The payment key can be the same as the owner key. The owner key must be the private key corresponding to the STX address that's registering the name.

In this example, we use the paymentKeyInfo private key d3f170e0c76ca4dbbcc7cef59251392ce306b44d34af02b5c2acdcdfde92649101 generated from the previous command.

This command will queue and broadcast 2 Bitcoin transactions. 7 confirmations for each transaction are required for the name registration to complete. This takes about 2 hours.

For example, the command to register the name hello.miner looks like:
> blockstack-cli register hello.miner 
Once the transaction has been broadcasted, it will take about 2 hours to confirm. You can check if your name has been successfully registered using this API endpoint:

All registered .miner names will appear here: