300,000 STX Available in A pair of bounties for STX Mining Pools
Mine to 1 Million Challenge: Part 3
The Stacks 2.0 network launched on January 14, 2021. Since then, more than 70 STX miners have spent more than 100 BTC to mine more than 10 million STX tokens.

STX mining has had a strong start, but we can do even better. Currently, Daemon Technologies estimates that in order to mine STX profitably, a miner needs between ~$45,000 - $55,000 worth of BTC to spend. We need to lower this capital requirement to mine STX sustainably.

Part 3 of the Mine to 1 Million Challenge is focused on doing just that, and consists of a set of bounties for enabling STX mining pools. The following bounties were born from what we've learned from the frontlines of mining ourselves and observing successful miners in the ecosystem. We invite everyone to participate and look forward to making STX mining more accessible.
Part 1
Held on Krypton test network. Over 700 Participants. Paid out more than 150,000 STX to miners.
Part 2
Held on Xenon test network, much harder to participate (more technically complex). Still saw over 600 participants, and paid out almost 400,000 STX to miners.
Part 3
Two bounties, three winners, and a total of 300,000 STX will be paid to teams that improve infrastructure for STX mining and successful pools!
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Bounty 1: Build STX Mining Pool Infrastructure
Extend Daemon's Mining Bot to make it easy to start and run or join an STX mining pool.
Type: Solo or Team
Expiration Date: Good until cancelled
Reward: 100,000 STX tokens to the best entry (winner take all)
  • Must make use of Daemon's mining bot
  • Creation of mining pool must be permissionless (anyone can do it)
  • Must be open source
    Judging Criteria
    • How easy is it to create a new STX mining pool?
    • How easy is it to add members to and operate a new mining pool?
    • How fault-tolerant is the setup and operation of the pool? Another way of asking this is what is the worst a bad actor can do to a pool?
    • Preference will be given to submissions with no/minimal coding needed to start or join a pool. Ideally this is something a nontechnical person could use to create a STX mining pool.
      How to Submit
      • Create a PR in the Mining Bot repo with the infrastructure you have built.
      • Send an email to [email protected] with a link to the PR, and an explanation of what you have built.
      • Daemon Technologies reserves the right to require a follow-up call to cover any questions on your submission.
      Bounty 2: Create & Grow a STX Mining Pool
      Become one of the first 2 STX Mining Pools with at least $100,000 of BTC committed for a Stacking cycle.
      Create an STX Mining pool, start operating it, and try to grow the amount of BTC pooled to at least $100,000. You may create proprietary infrastructure and/or business models for your pool.
      Type: Solo or Team
      Expiration Date: Good until cancelled
      Reward: 2 separate rewards, each for 100,000 STX tokens
      • Mining pool must be permissionless, meaning anyone who wants to join can
      • Must use the pooled BTC for the purpose of STX Mining
      • Must have proof of mining activity over the course of at least 1 Stacking cycle
      Judging Criteria
      • How does the submission go about pooling? Is it custodial?
      • How does the submission ensure the safety of member funds?
      • How easy is it to join?
      • How many members have committed capital? (of 2 pools both have $100K BTC committed, preference will be given to the pool that has more members)
      How to Submit
      • Send an email with your pool's information, including BTC and STX addresses to [email protected]
      • Include the pool's BTC address and snapshots of the pool's BTC balance.
      • Include proof of STX Mining activity over the course of 1 Stacking cycle.
      • Daemon Technologies reserves the right to require a follow up call to cover any questions on your submission
      Email [email protected] if you don't see an answer you need!
      How do I enter?
      Register here. Daemon is happy to hold an onboarding call for individuals and teams starting to work towards the bounties for Part 3 of the Mine to 1 Million STX contest.
      When is the submission deadline?
      Both bounties are good until cancelled. Daemon will determine winners as submissions come in.

      Daemon reserves the right to change and/or impose deadlines in the future.
      How will the winners be determined?
      Daemon Technologies will evaluate each submission independently based on the judging criteria for each bounty as listed above.