Introducing the OnStacks Platform: Let There Be Data

Xan Ditkoff
December 14, 2021

Daemon Technologies is excited to release the V1 of our new onchain Stacks data platform: OnStacks. Below, we’ll briefly walk through what OnStacks is, why we’ve built it, and where we’re going from here.

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What is OnStacks?

OnStacks is a platform for onchain data across the Stacks ecosystem. The first version that is live today includes two modules: a regular explorer and an STX mining explorer.

The Mining explorer is an updated version of, and that url will now redirect to OnStacks. The regular explorer, or the Daemon Explorer as we call it internally, shows all transaction data for the Stacks chain. We’ve also added a search by address function that displays the transaction history of a specific address, fungible token holdings, track record for mining and Stacking, and will soon also feature NFT holdings (this is waiting on NFT metadata standardization across projects).

As can be seen in the above screenshot, these two modules are also linked, allowing an address look up in the explorer that can then jump to the detailed data for that address in the mining module.

Why We Built OnStacks

The OnStacks platform serves two purposes. The initial purpose, as seen in early form today, is to provide a hub of all onchain data relevant to the Stacks ecosystem for the community. As we expand the user facing side of the platform, this will provide a holistic view of the activity happening across and within specific verticals on the Stacks network.

Going forward, the bigger purpose of OnStacks is the backend. In order to service the user facing data modules, we’re creating backend infrastructure that includes a Stacks node cluster and various APIs. It’s this backend that we plan to offer as a service to projects building on top of Stacks, and anyone else that needs to leverage different kinds of onchain Stacks data on an ongoing basis. The goal is that teams building on top of Stacks should increasingly be able to focus solely on building their core product, and not get distracted with the need to build the enabling pieces needed to bring their product to market.

Ultimately, OnStacks is meant to serve as a separate augment to the service already offered by the current Stacks Explorer, and offer a more scalable solution that can be used for individuals and teams that have a larger need for data.


In the following months we’ll roll out frontend modules for the derivative protocols and projects launching on top of Stacks (currently marked as “Coming Soon”). The first of these will be dashboards for Arkadiko and ALEX, which will display asset, balance, spread, collateralization, and many more details for these protocols.

From there we’d like to consider incorporating CityCoins data, as well as continue to integrate new projects on Stacks as they launch.

If you’re interested in integrating your project with the OnStacks platform, please reach out to Daemon Technologies today and register interest.

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